Celebrating the Legacy of Mote's ‘Shark Lady'

Dr. Eugenie Clark

Dr. Eugenie Clark was a world authority on sharks and fish.

Sixty years ago, Mote Marine Laboratory was founded by a remarkable young woman, Dr. Eugenie Clark. Sadly, we lost Genie this past February but her spirit lives on here at Mote. Affectionately known by many as the "Shark Lady," Genie was a pioneer in the field of marine research as well as women's leadership. She lived her life to the fullest, celebrating her 92nd birthday by diving in the Gulf of Aqaba and publishing scientific papers until just weeks before her passing.

Genie was, and continues to be, an inspiration to so many of our scientists here at Mote and around the world. Mote Marine Laboratory is honored to continue to uphold the legacy of Genie's scientific inquiry and enthusiasm for the ocean. Our beloved Shark Lady's legacy is perpetuated by Mote's research, education and conservation activities. Through this work, our oceans will be a treasure to be enjoyed for generations to come.

We each have a legacy to share. Planned giving is an important way to carry out this legacy and showcase for future generations what is meaningful to you. As you think about your priorities, we ask you to consider how your legacy can help support the important mission and work being done at Mote Marine Laboratory.

To learn more about becoming part of Mote's Legacy Society, please contact The Development Office at 941-388-4441, Ext. 309.

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